Date of Meeting:  Tuesday June 10, 2014

Meeting Time: 3:05 – 4:32

Attendees: Vicki Johnson, Louis “Eddie” Mares,  Sherry Candelaria, Jane Kallal, Anne Rock, Jane Zachman, Philip Sawyer, Debra Jorgensen, Michal Rudnick, Barbara Lang, Ronnie Johnson and Sonia Ross.


 On the phone / internet:: NA


1.     Introductions:

The meeting was called to order by President Vicki Johnson at 3:05 PM at the Family Involvement Center. All present introduced them-selves.


2.     Review and Approve Minutes:

A motion was made and seconded to approve minutes. The motion passed unanimously.


3.     Updates:

A.     Financial Reports

Vicki Johnson has not received  the May Balance Sheet nor the May  Income Expense Sheet.  None to report  at this time.


4.     Committee Reports:

A.    Training

Training will occur on June 28 – July 12 both of these trainings are held on a Saturday being held at the Family Involvement Center in Phoenix. Vicki sent emails to all committee members but only 20 responded to attend this training.


Sherry Candelaria responded that all peer or family MMIC committee members should attend this training.







B.    Communication

None to report


C.     Emergency Report:

Philip Sawyer reports that his committee is up and running. 

Philip needs stationary with AZ Peer and Family Coalition logo on it.

Once the website is populated Phil will need phone #’s of clinics, he reports that he will send out information to site managers in clinics.


Phil will meet with site managers to arrange volunteers


5.     Legislative Update:

Last June, Gov Brewer signed the bill that restored and expanded the AZ Medicaid (AHCCCS) program under ACA (Obama Care ). Conservative Republicans in the Arizona House and Senate fought the proposal for months, but the Legislature’s Democrats and some moderate Republicans teamed up to pass the law. There is an appeal to the Supreme Court by the conservative legislators that the way this law was passed is not constitutional.  This could be a threat to Medicaid Expansion.


6.     Follow up discussion about Human Trafficking

Vicki Johnson passed out information about


“WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW” sex trafficking and sexual exploitation training tool for mental health providers.


 ASU School of Social Work reports that in 2013, multiple cases of human trafficking were reported all 50 states and Washington, D.C. (Polaris Project, 2013)




The majority of mental health providers have limited understanding of issue of sex trafficking and how it may present with their clients.


In a recent study of Emergency medicine residents. ED attendings, ED nurses, and hospital social workers, only 4.8% felt some degree of confidence in their ability to identify and 7.7% to treat a trafficked patient.



Pimps shop for their victims online, in shopping malls, bus stops, at schools, at after school programs, foster homes and other places where teens gather.



 Pimps invest a lot of time and effort in forming a bond with their victim.  They often buy gifts provide a place to stay, and give affection before revealing their true intent to sexually exploit them.  Traffickers use a powerful technique pioneered by religious cults known as “Love Bombing” in which a girl is showered with affection as a means of manipulating her. (Doris & Corriveau, 2009)



The pimp’s use of psychological manipulation, physical violence and rape can make the victim feel trapped and powerless.  The “trauma bond” is very difficult to break and may require intensive long term treatment and counseling.


Vicki Johnson, President of AZ Peer & Family Coalition asked “What can we do to help”?

We need to educate parents on these issues.


Cheryl Anderson stated- children are very vulnerable. We need to send committee members and family members information about Human Trafficking.


Louis Eddie Mares stated - We need to train family members on these issues.

He reported that SWBH had provided a parent training in partnership with ASU and CPS. This could be a model for more outreach to parents.


Eddie will take on this project for the Coalition.


Cheryl Anderson will find space for these trainings.


7.     Issues related to Persons with Mental Illness who are incarcerated

Barbara Lang from AHCCCS said that serious medical problems exist in the jails and prisons.  There was discussion about needing to reach the companies that manage the prisons to address these issues and to seek special programming for incarcerated persons who have a mental illness.



Barb Lang and Michal Rudnick from AHCCCS will provide contact information with companies that manage the prisons for the AZ Peer & Family Coalition to follow-up on these issues. 


8.     Adjourn, Network, share Informally

The meeting was adjourned at 4:32 PM. The next meeting will be on Tuesday July 8, 2014 @ 3:00 4:30 PM.