Coalition Minutes 2016-01-12


Tuesday,  January  12, 2016

Arizona Peer and Family Member Coalition

Family Involvement Center

5333 N 7th St., Suite A-100

Phoenix, AZ 85014

2:30 – 4:30 PM

Note: We will dedicate the first 30 minutes of the meeting to persons to get acquainted.  The formal meeting will commence at 3PM.              2:30 – 3:00                                       

  1. Introductions                                                                        3:00 – 3:05
  2. Review and Approve Minutes                                               3:05 – 3:10
  3. Updates                                                                               3:10 – 3:20
    1. Financial Reports -October 2015 Financials
    2. Training
    3. Communication
    4. Emergency Response
  4. Collection of ideas for needed MMIC Training to suggest at February Meeting
  5.                                                                                             3:20 – 3:40
  6. Discussion about needs for fliers or brochures to be developed by MMIC   with Mary K. Reinhardt                                                                        3:40 – 4:25
  7. Update regarding Mental Health/Criminal Justice Summit   4:25 – 4:30
  8. Adjourn, network, share informally                                        4:30  on…

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States (long distance) +1 (626) 425-3121

Access Code 402-067-421




DATE: Tuesday January 12, 2016

TIME:       3:00 – 4:50

ATTENDEES:   Debra Jorgensen, Vicki Johnson  Alfred Swanson, Carol McDermott, Ralph Engler, Karen Young, Krista Long,  Bobbie Tabor, Barb Lang, Cheryl Anderson, Sherry Candelaria, Jessie Linfield, Jim Dunn

On the Phone:       Andy Bernstein, Ralph Engler, Geralyn Gormley

   1.                  Introductions:

All present introduced themselves.

 2.   Review and Approve Minutes

The minutes were reviewed and approved unanimously.

3.       Election of AZPFC Board of Directors

           Persons who are coalition members voted on candidates for the Coalition Board of Directors during the meeting.  When the votes were tallied, it was announced that the entire slate of names on the ballot had been elected:  Richard Beeman, Sherry Candelaria, Jim Dunn, Jill Hogan, Vicki Johnson, Debra Jorgensen, Krista Long, Carol McDermott, Phil Sawyer, Karen Young.

4.     Updates

A.   Financial reports: November 2015 Financial Reports 

The Financial Reports for November, 2015 were reviewed and approved unanimously.

B. Training 

Sierra Candelabra reported on her delivery of the Leadership Training in Springerville.  The training is also planned for Navajo County.  She also provided information about the AZPFC in Mohave County.  There was strong interest.

C. Communication

Krista Long reported that the website was up-to-date.

D. Emergency Response

Phil Sawyer reported that there is a bus strike but there has not been a request for assistance.

5.               Collection off ideas for needed MMIC Training at February Meeting 

The group went through a process to list training topics that are needed.  After the list was completed, the group wen through a ballot process that would be tabulated after the meeting.  The list and the vote tallies will be presented to Mike Trip[p from MMIC Training at the February Coalition meeting.

6.              Discussion about needs for flyers or brochures to be developed by        MMIC – with Mary K. Reinhart. 

Participants made suggestions to Mark K. about needs for print materials – booklets, fliers, also Youtube content.  Also, there was discussion about how existing print materials could be used.

7.            By-Law Revisions

Barb Lang had three items she felt would be of interest to the Coalition.

a.  Senator Bartow is developing language regarding family access to information about their loved one who is receiving services.  There was concern expressed by the group.  Barb said that she had worked to represent the interest of Peers but Coalition members were encouraged to contact Senator Bartow.

b.  Governor Ducey is supporting provisions of a program, DETAP, which will offer diversion for persons who have committed substance abuse offenses.  This will be available in every County.

c.  The Arizona Mental Health America Chapter will be having its Seeds Conference for two days in May.

8.  Adjourn, network, share informally:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m..