Coalition Minutes 2015-09-08


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Arizona Peer and Family Member Coalition

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5333 N 7th St., Suite A-100

Phoenix, AZ 85014

2:30 – 4:30 PM

Note: We will dedicate the first 30 minutes of the meeting for persons to get acquainted.  The formal meeting will commence at 3:00 PM.

  1. Introductions                                                                        3:00 – 3:05
  2. Review and Approve Minutes                                               3:05 – 3:10
  3. Updates                                                                               3:10 – 3:40
    1. Financial Reports -July 2015 Financials
    2. Training
    3. Communication
    4. Emergency Response
  4. Report from Work group regarding  Helping Families            3:40 – 4:20                                                                 in Mental Health Crisis Act
  5. Revise Coalition By-laws –  group                                        4:20 – 4:30
  6. Adjourn, network, share informally                                       4:30  on

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States (long distance) +1 (626) 425-3121

Access Code 402-067-421




DATE:     Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TIME:       3:06 – 4:28

ATTENDEES:   Richard Beeman, Carol McDermott, Victor M Young, Jessie Linfeld, Deb Jorgenson, Eugene Shuffield, Phil Sawyer, Ronnie Johnson, June Steele, Trey Jenkins,  Bobbie Taber, Jane Zackman, Alfred Swanson.

On Go to Meeting:        Unknown

On the Phone:             Unknown .

   1.                  Introductions:

Karen Young called the meeting to order at 3:06.  Persons in the meeting introduced themselves.

 2.   Review and Approve Minutes

The minutes were reviewed.  A motion was made by Carol McDermott and Jennifer seconded the motion.  All present approved the minutes.

3.                  Updates

Financial Report

MMIC sent a check  for $27,500 for next year.  Carol McDermott sent a check to David’s Hope for the dinner.  The balance the account was $33.400.

The financial report was approved.

Communications Report

Phil reported that the Agenda and Minutes of the last meeting are on the web.

Emergency Report

Phil reported No new information.

Training Report

Committee training dates will be announced.

MMIC Committees will be renewed 1/1/2016.  New people are needed on the committees and all must reapply.

4.               Murphy Bill

A work group has been formed to work on the Murphy Bill 2.0 and the Murphy/Cassidy bill.  We will review 3 bills.  We will stress the following items::

  • Don’t dissolve SAMHA.
  • HIPPA guidelines should be clarified  because organization are hiding behind HIPPA to avoid disclosing unprotected data.
  • Forcing treatment does not work
  • Mental Health vs. Violence
  • Reallocation of funding without scientific basis
  • The later Cassidy bill includes:
    • More peer support
    • Improvements to the role of SAMHA
    • NAMI is approving sponsorship
    • The new bill promotes a medical approach
  • Members of the work group include:
    • Alfred Swanson
    • Tray Jenkins
    • Ronnie Johnson
    • Eugene Shuffield
    • Lucile
    • Deb Jorgenson
    • Jessie Linfield

5.  By-laws Report

Important issues to consider include:

  • Membership better defines to be more inclusive
  • Who hold the vote?
  • We have no board of Directors
  • The terms of office should be defined.  Should we stagger terms to provide continuity?
  • An organizational budget is needed
  • We need an Annual Meeting
  • We need to develop policies and procedures
  • We should put the By-laws on the website.  See Christa Long
  • Meeting of the subcommittees should be posted on the Website.

 6.  New Business

Rich supports getting the public involved about mental health to protect consumer protections.

Deb is interested in this effort to get individuals mainstreamed into the public eye.  Her cell number is (602) 736-6837.

5.           Adjourn, network, share informally:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:28 PM.