Coalition Minutes 2015-06-09

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  1. Introductions                                                                        3:00 – 3:05
  2. Review and Approve Minutes                                               3:05 – 3:10
  3. Updates                                                                               3:10 – 3:10
    1. Financial Reports – April 2015 Financials
  4. Guest Speaker Monica Coury                                               3:20 – 4:20
    1. Assistant Director, Office of Intergovernmental Relations, AHCCCS
    2. Integration of DBHS into AHCCCS and Self-Directed Care
  5. Old Business                                                                       4:00 – 4:30
    1. Meeting with Governor’s Health person
  6. Adjourn, network, share informally                                       4:30  on

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cortancyl DATE:     Tuesday, June 9, 2015

kamagra oral jelly at walgreens TIME:       3:05 – 4:40

tadalafil ATTENDEES:   Richard Beeman, Carol McDermott, Sonia Johnson,  Geralynn Gormley, Bobbie Taber, Ami Becker, Karen Young, Jill Hogan, Ronnie Johnson, Dick Geasland, Sonia Johnson, Jim Dunn, Jane Kallal, Barb Lang, Jill Hogan, Lori Schactman Ralph Enfler, Kathy Bashor, Susan Junck, Cheryl Fanning, Colleen McGregor.

On Go to Meeting:        Jill Hogan

On the Phone:              Phil Sawyer .

revatio vs viagra    1.                  Introductions:

Karen Young called the meeting to order.  Persons in the meeting introduced themselves.

amoxicillin  2.   Review and Approve Minutes

The minutes were reviewed and corrected.  A motion was made by Rich Beeman and Carol McDermott second the motion.  All present approved the minutes.

viagra with dapoxetine australia 3.                  Updates

Financial Report

Carol McDermott reported that stipend payments are still being issued, but there are fewer committee meetings.

A motion was made by Richard Beeman to approve the financial report.  Ronnie Johnson seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

4.               Guest Speaker: Monica Coury:

Ms. Cory reported on the transition for DBHS to AHCCCS.  She reported that Dr. Aaron Bowen had assumed the position of Director of the Arizona State Hospital.

There are steps being taken to assure that all employees will be placed in positions.  Either they will assume a comparable position at AHCCCS or they will be placed in another position at ADHS or at AHCCCS.

5.              Self-Directed care: Bobbie Tabor and Geralynn Gormley

A presentation was given  regarding the concept of Self-Directed Care where a peer would be given a budget for their health care rather than a system funding care according to criteria set by the State and Federal Government.  This would give the peer much greater flexibility and greater self-determination in the health care he/she could access.

6.            partir comprimido viagra Adjourn, network, share informally:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM.