Coalition Minutes 2014-12-09



DATE:     Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TIME:       3:05 – 4:35

ATTENDEES:   Vicki Johnson,  Sherry Candelaria, Jim Dunn, Cheryl Anderson, Ralph Engler. Philip Sawyer, Ann Ankel and Sonia Ross.

On Phone:        Carol McDermoitt, Pam Woodward and Deb Jergenson.

On Internet:      Andy Bernstein.

   1.                  Introductions:

The meeting was called to order by President Vicki Johnson at 3:05 PM at the Family Involvement Center.  All present introduced themselves.

 2.                  Review and Approve Minutes:

The minutes were reviewed.   A motion was made  and seconded to approve the minutes.  The motion passed unanimously.

3.                   Updates

A,                  Financial Reports

Financial reports were not available for review.

4.           Committee Reports:

A.           Training: Updates support Group meeting for MMIC committee members

Vicki Johnson stated that a survey was done on people who participate in MMIC committees.  On the survey people stated that things were going well with their participation.

Vicki Johnson stated that Sherry Caldelaria and Debra Jorgenson are following up to form a support group for committee members.

Sherry reported that Debra is looking for a location to house the meetings.

Debra reported that she is looking for a central location to have regular meetings.  She also stated that she’s looking at local libraries since they have local transportation.  She also asked if its okay to pay a small fee for these meetings at local libraries.  Vicki Johnson stated that paying a small fee would not be a problem.

Sherry reported that one of the concerns were brought up in regards participants if they supported and have local networks available.

Vicki Johnson stated that although one of the good things regarding this survey we conducted it was nice to se they feel of value, and received stipends for participating.

For new members of the group an description of the Coalition and of the Pima County Peer and Family Coalition were provided.

B.           Communications:

None to report, Kristal Long has resigned.

C.           Emergency Response:

None to report

5.          Legislative Update

A.           Letter to Tim Murphy:

Vicki Johnson passed out a draft letter to Tim Murphy regarding his proposed changes to the national behavioral health system.  Draft letter was reviewed and changes were made.

B.          Plan for the legislative session:

Ralph will work on asking Governor-elect Doug Ducey to give the Coalition an opportunity to advise the Governor’s Office regarding behavior health  A motion was made and seconded to approve this action.  The motion passed unanimously.  Vicki will work with Ralph.

6.           Topics or speakers for 2015 – no time to discuss:

7.           Adjourn, network, share informally:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM.