Strategic Planning Update

Section 1. The mission of the Arizona Peer & Family Coalition is to advocate for

statewide behavioral health policy development by peers and family members.




*Section 1. *To increase public support for the awareness of mental health

issues in the general community that reduces stigma, promotes the value of

human worth, and generates community inclusion of persons diagnosed with

mental illness.

*Section 2. *To recognize and celebrate both the uniqueness and talents of

persons with mental illness through noting individual accomplishments and

contributions to the community.

*Section 3.* To publicly recognize the contributions of individuals,

families, and organizations within the community who have accomplished,

implemented, and or promoted the betterment of persons with mental illness.

*Section 4*. To inform the public and policy makers of the strengths,

challenges and needs of persons with mental illness, and promote and

conduct public education programs.

*Section 5. *To enable persons with mental illness to transform and improve

the Arizona Behavioral Health System. pharmacy express and our Marketing Materials state:

Dedicated to extending statewide peer and family leadership into all aspects of Arizona’s behavioral health care since 2009.

Our purpose is simple yet powerful…

To create an active, unified voice for peers and family members in all aspects of the system by:

  • Impacting the system at all levels of decision-making

  • Communicating information so peers and families have access throughout the behavioral health system

  • Leading and mentoring individuals to take leadership roles and fostering collaboration with community partners

  • Monitoring the system by gathering and analyzing data statewide for use in lobbying and advocating

 One of the proposed mission statements, which we are still working on is:

  • The mission of the Arizona Peer & Family Coalition is to advocate for, connect, promote, and develop leadership by peers and family members throughout our state.

Please let us know any feedback you have as we move forward in the planning process. I hope to see you today, either in person or on the phone.

Advocacy Alert: AHCCCS Medicaid Waiver

Dear Arizona Peer and Family Coalition members and community,
Public comments for the Section 1115 waiver are due on sildenafila February 28th.

Critical changes are proposed that would limit the services available to those on AHCCCS. 
In the information below, you will find a template to assist you with submitting comment and the webpage to find more out about this proposal  Attached is the draft letter that the Board is submitting from the Coalition. We encourage feedback from our members about this letter, but can only take feedback for the next 48 hours due to the tight timeline. canadianpharmacy Please feel free to forward this email to your networks and we also encourage submitting your comments to your doxycyklin legislators as well fildena . The email for comments is

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Annual Meeting Update

The Annual Meeting was moved to the March monthly meeting. This decision was made in December by a consensus of members and board members at the meeting to allow for members to join the coalition and to give us time for the changes to be figured out. Thank you! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please note meeting time change!

Please note that our meeting time has been changed to 12 Noon. We will meet in the same room at FIC. MMIC will be providing lunch. We hope that this new time will make the meeting more accessible for attendance.

If you wish to participate through Go To Meeting, please see below:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States (Long distance): +1 (626) 425-3121

Access Code: 402-067-421


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Federal Mental Health Legislation Update

At the AZ Peer and Family Coalition Meeting on Tuesday, we agreed that information about this Federal Mental Health legislation would be distributed to the Coalition mailing list to give persons an opportunity to learn about the proposed legislation and to contact their Congressperson or Senator if they decide to do so.:

    Critique of Mark up version of Murphy bill, HR 2646. Likely this bill will be heard by full Energy and Commerce Com. next week.