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Coalition Minutes 2015-04-14


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2:30 – 4:30 PM


Note: We will dedicate the first 30 minutes of the meeting for persons to get acquainted.  The formal meeting will commence at 3:00 PM.


  1. Introductions                                                                        3:00 – 3:05
  2. Review and Approve Minutes                                               3:05 – 3:10
  3. Mental Health Court Advocacy                                             3:10 – 3:40
  4. Revision of Adult 9 Principles                                               3:40 – 4:10
  5. Old Business                                                                       4:10 – 4:30
    1. Election of Vice President of Coalition
    2. Plan for meeting with Governor’s Health Person
  6. Adjourn, network, share informally                                       4:30  on

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DATE:     Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TIME:       3:05 – 4:35

ATTENDEES:   Vicki Johnson,  Chaz Longwell, Karen Young, Sherry Candelaria, Ronnie Johnson, Lisa Bateman, Louis Eddie Mares, Carol McDermitt, LouAnn Tampros, Chris Fillner, Ricj Beeman, Ralph Englerl and Sonia Ross.

On Phone:        Jim Dunn, Jennifer and Clark Romans.

On Internet:      Jill Hogan and Phyllis Getz.

   1.                  Introductions:

The meeting was called to order by President Vicki Johnson at 2:30 for pre-introductions get-together, and 3:05 PM for the meeting at the Family Involvement Center.  All present introduced themselves.

 2.                  Review and Approve Minutes:

The minutes were reviewed.

Correction: Diana Caldabdroa, Director of Pretrial Services in Pinal County not Pima

Correction: Rich Beeman was not listed as an attendee in the minutes.  A motion was made made by Sherry Candlelaria  to approve the minutes.  Bich Beeman second the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Vicki Johnson passed out the original ADHS Adult 9 Principles and a page that states 9 adult principles which is a proposed revision.

The group had strong feedback regarding these steps from ADHS forms.  It was stated that it’s too wordly and complicated for some with mental health challenges.

Vicki Johnson passed out a revised form of The 9 adult principles which have been revised to minimize key points.  The group agreed that this form was better and more understandable.  There was discussion about the process that people went through to develop the original 9 principles and some people would be upset to see a change.  There was some interest in seeing some of the original language placed in the proposed new principles.

3.                   Updates

A,                  Financial Reports

Financial reports were not available for review.

4.           Committee Reports:

A.           Training: Updates support Group meeting for MMIC committee members

Sherry Candlelaria will give Vicki Johnson a flyer of this new support group.

B.           Communications:

None to report,.

C.           Emergency Response:

None to report

5.          Mental Health for Advocacy:

A.           Discussion:

Vicki Johnson stated that she needs the group’s help to address the process to expand the number of Mental Health Courts

Vicki Johnson listed the Mental Health courts in Arizona:

  • Maricopa County
  • Yuma County
  • Cochise County
  • Coconino County
  • City of Glendale
  • City of Tempe
  • City of Flagstaff

This group can advocate for expansion of Mental Health Courts throughout Arizona and local communities.  For example Mesa doesn’t have a Mental Health Court. Vicki Johnson stated that this can be an activity for this group.  This group can work on or learn of the political process, and identify places where Mental Health Courts are needed for people with Mental Illness.

Phillis Getz stated that she is working with NAMI and is on a Mental Health Task Force into Sierra Vista.  They meet on a quarterly basis.  In that community there are:

  • Drug Court
  • Veteran’s Court
  • Mental Health Court

Cases are screened to see which court is most appropriate for the person.

Louis Eddie Mares stated that his son didn’t have to go to a specialized court, but went to a specialized facility treatment because his son was routed to the proper psychiatrist and they identified his treatment needs.

The group agreed to invite a representative from David’s Hope to talk about a strategy for this issue.

6.           Revision of Adult 9 Principles:

7.          Old Business:

A. Election of Vice President AZPFC:

The group nominated two persons for this position: Rich Beeman and Karen Young.  The gout elected Karen Young as the Vice President of the AZPF Coalition. Congrats to Karen Young and thanks to Rich Beeman.

B. Plan for meeting with Governor’s Health Person.:

AZPFC could be an advisory resource to the Ducey Administration as it manages many issues related to the behavioral health community.  Monica Coury is assisting AZPFC in seeking a meeting with the Governor’s Health Person.

8.           Adjourn, network, share informally:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM.