Strategic Planning Update

Hello!  One of the things we discussed last meeting was the work on our strategic planning process.  In our Bylaws, it states:


Section 1. The mission of the Arizona Peer & Family Coalition is to advocate for

statewide behavioral health policy development by peers and family members.




*Section 1. *To increase public support for the awareness of mental health

issues in the general community that reduces stigma, promotes the value of

human worth, and generates community inclusion of persons diagnosed with

mental illness.

*Section 2. *To recognize and celebrate both the uniqueness and talents of

persons with mental illness through noting individual accomplishments and

contributions to the community.

*Section 3.* To publicly recognize the contributions of individuals,

families, and organizations within the community who have accomplished,

implemented, and or promoted the betterment of persons with mental illness.

*Section 4*. To inform the public and policy makers of the strengths,

challenges and needs of persons with mental illness, and promote and

conduct public education programs.

*Section 5. *To enable persons with mental illness to transform and improve

the Arizona Behavioral Health System.

and our Marketing Materials state:

Dedicated to extending statewide peer and family leadership into all aspects of Arizona’s behavioral health care since 2009.

Our purpose is simple yet powerful…

To create an active, unified voice for peers and family members in all aspects of the system by:

  • Impacting the system at all levels of decision-making

  • Communicating information so peers and families have access throughout the behavioral health system

  • Leading and mentoring individuals to take leadership roles and fostering collaboration with community partners

  • Monitoring the system by gathering and analyzing data statewide for use in lobbying and advocating

 One of the proposed mission statements, which we are still working on is:

  • The mission of the Arizona Peer & Family Coalition is to advocate for, connect, promote, and develop leadership by peers and family members throughout our state.

Please let us know any feedback you have as we move forward in the planning process. I hope to see you today, either in person or on the phone.

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